About us

ELITE – CONFERENCE INTERPRETING is run by Mrs. Shulamit Haran, a simultaneous interpreting lecturer at Israeli institutions of higher learning, with more than thirty years of experience in the field.
Over the years, my team of interpreters and I have worked at a great many international conferences, seminars and conventions covering a vast range of subjects in different languages. In the course of my work, both in Israel and abroad, I have translated and set up multi-lingual teams of interpreters to work with head of states, official delegations, in press conferences, video conferences, scientific gatherings, focus groups and courtroom proceedings.

ELITE has provided interpreting and technical services in international symposia in universities, technical conferences covering such areas as management, transport, life insurance, energy, education, medicine, agriculture, aeronautics, computer sciences, political subjects, and many others.

Our interpreters are experienced at full simultaneous translation (i.e. with an interpreting booth and headsets), chuchotage (whispering – a mode which is appropriate when only 1-2 listeners require this service), consecutive and liaison interpreting.
We maintain a strict policy, in keeping with international standards, of providing a detailed quote, and are able to do so since the service is provided with no intermediaries.

As for the equipment, we work with different companies specializing in this area, and always look for the best cost effective ones for our client.
ELITE – CONFERENCE INTERPRETING would be glad to offer you our services wherever and whenever needed.